Who We Are

The Loudoun Horse Association is a community of horse enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to the advancement and welfare of horses in the Loudoun region. Our association comprises a diverse group of members, including riders, trainers, breeders, and horse owners, all united by our passion for these noble creatures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and promote the equestrian sport and horse industry in Loudoun through education, networking opportunities, and community services. We aim to be a source of knowledge and support for both our members and the local community.

What We Do

We organize a variety of events, from clinics and workshops to competitions and social gatherings. These activities are designed to provide our members with opportunities to learn, grow, and enjoy all aspects of horsemanship. Additionally, we collaborate with local organizations and charities to strengthen the bond between horses and the community.

Our Community

The strength of our association lies in our community. We believe in sharing knowledge, offering support to one another, and working together to improve the quality of life for horses in our region. Whether you are an experienced rider or someone just starting out with horseback riding, you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere with us.

Join Us

Are you interested in joining our vibrant community? We welcome new members of all ages and levels of experience. Together we can work towards a bright future for equestrian sports in Loudoun. Contact us for more information about membership and how you can get involved in our activities.

The Loudoun Horse Association is proud to be part of the rich tapestry of rural life in Loudoun, and we are committed to preserving this tradition for future generations. Together we make a difference for horses and people in our beloved community.