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Ways of Extracting the DNA Molecule

DNA component is always present in each and every individual’s body. The identification of any child is the DNA since it is through that is when the parents can be traced and mistakes cannot be made since the DNAs can never be similar. The identification mark for any wanted person in the current society is the use of the DNA and it can be traced from the fingerprints of a person. To get the individual DNA molecule, it has to be physically extracted from the cell membrane where separation of the other materials is made. The exercise of extracting it might not be that easy and needs adequate time for the accurate results to be found.

The whole extraction process is very sensitive since any contaminations might be a problem and will prevent the real results from being achieved. Every process always has alternative ways of doing things to make it flexible and prevent inconveniences which is available with the DNA extraction methods. There are situations that can only restrict the use of a certain method depending with the current conditions and the people involved will have to follow them.

In the extraction, there are some factors that help identify the DNA from the rest of the components. DNA molecules are negatively charged and it becomes easy when testing of the charges is done since any negative molecule is automatically the one. Their formation is by coiling around the proteins since they are positively charged since they attract to them successfully and are normally coiled due to them having the chromosomes.

There are three steps mainly involved in the extraction of the DNA and have to be followed to the latter to make the process successful. The cells have to be broken open first for all the components in it to disintegrate and get separated to enable one have a starting point. It is a bit difficult for the whole membrane to be dealt with if it is in its initial state because the components have to be extracted. The best way to open the cell membrane without problems is using heat or detergents to smoothen it.

DNA features play the role of proper separation without confusion. The features have to be looked into carefully to avoid confusion since there might be other components having the same features and all have to be used carefully. After the molecules have been extracted, they have to be isolated for use.

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