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Evaluating Real Estate Agents

The oldest trick in any real estate agent’s books is to regularly overestimate the selling price of various properties. The reason behind this is that the seller becomes so impressed with how high the figures can go so they chose the said agent out of all the competitors. At first it looks like an amazing tactic or deal but over-priced property tend to just sit idle for months on the market; after some time, the seller will begin to lose money.

Commonly known as busing a listing, the method is only one out of the various methods that real estate agents have up their sleeves when securing businesses for clients. Experienced house-hunters see right through the marketing ploys without difficulty, they can even spot the genuine ones in the crowd. The guide below could seriously aid sellers in screening through their list of potential real estate agents and end up with one that could facilitate their needs and successfully sell the property.

1. Personally Interview Them

Never go into that scheduled initial meeting thinking that it’s going to be a casual conversation. Treat the initial interview with utmost seriousness; imagine a job interview where you have the final decision with regards to the real estate’s job position, that serious. Arm yourself with numerous questions aimed to finding out more about the company, their experience, how they typically operate and the sales history they can boast. It’s highly recommended to interview a minimum of three real estate agents before finalizing your decision.

2. Take Time in Researching Their Company

Nowadays, the online profile of any person or company can tell you a lot about how exactly they do business. Dozens of helpful things could be found on their official website, any and all social media accounts they created and articles that feature them; invest time and energy into this research, it’ll save you from possible problems in the future. Online marketing channels employed by real estate companies and agents is another must in your searches; see how effective they actually are in reaching potential buyers.

3. Look into Licensing

Licenses and other important credentials are the first documents to look for in a real estate agent that you can actually trust. Be certain that the real estate agent you’re hoping to hire is licensed and has other credentials to boast; these credentials include membership under a national real estate institutes or other recognized property organization.

4. Collect References

There’s nothing wrong with asking references from your real estate agent, both buyers and sellers are entitled to it; the references should contain the past client’s contact details. Contact the former clients and ask numerous questions to find out of the real estate agent communicated well, effectively guide them in the process, how long before the property was sold and if they would hire the agent again.

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