Steps to mastering the right retail signage for your shop

Poor signage leads to frustration and low sales. Creating memorable signs can be fun as well as selling your merchandise. Your physical message is just as important as your website, and shouldn’t be an afterthought. Good signage helps your customers navigate your shop without needing to constantly ask staff questions. Below we give some advice on how to create compelling signs that will boost your business.

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Avoid common mistakes

Some common signage sins are missing signage, a lack of personality and confusing messages. Signage should be up front when you are curating a window or product display. Your customers shouldn’t have to puzzle over the meaning of a sign. The best retail signage makes clear what the merchandise is. Think of how a succinct email subject line or bold newspaper headline grabs your attention – you are aiming to hook your customers the same way.

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Keep it short

These days, social media are creating increasingly minimal messages. Once, Twitter characters were deemed paltry; now, people post six-second videos on Vine. Edit your copy vigorously to cut extraneous details. You must respect that your customers have short attention spans.

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Tips on best practice can be found here:

Use easy fonts

Remember that you want to drive sales. Clear font characters get attention, to help convey your message and your product. If customers can’t read fussy lettering, they will move on.

Five-second rule

You should be able to convey the message of your sign in less than five seconds. If your sign takes longer to read, reduce your message or employ a series of signs.

Say why the customer should buy your product

Be emphatic about the reason why the customer is buying, and include the words, “you” or “yours” to help the customer visualize themselves with the product: ‘Be a superstar with this!’, ‘Tame your curly hair!’, ‘Make heads turn!’.

Test your sign

Check your signs from outside, through the window to see how visible they are. In addition, have someone drive by your business to report on how easy they are to read.

Use wordplay

To grab customers’ attention, jokes, puns and cheeky one-liners all convey the relaxed, jokey flavour of your business.