Six tips for conference calls

Conference calls can be a great asset for any business, fostering good communications and great efficiency. If you are not taking advantage of conference calls, let’s take a look at six tips to help you derive greater benefits from them.

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1. Pick a place for your call where there won’t be a lot of disruption from office noise and any other activities. It is important that everyone can hear each other clearly. Open-plan offices can be noisy and are not always a good idea, as discussed in an article in the Guardian.

2. When everyone has joined the call, allow each person to introduce themselves concisely. This enables everyone to know who is there and encourages individuals to speak up. Make sure you have a clear agenda, possibly distributed beforehand, so that the attention of all participants is focused. When one item is finished, indicate this clearly before moving on to the next.

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3. Try to speak slowly and clearly so that everyone can follow what is happening without visual input. Allow for short pauses during which points can be clarified and relevant questions asked.

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4. Phones with background noise suppression can be useful; otherwise, be aware of anyone’s behaviour that could be potentially distracting or stop others from hearing what is going on.

5. Have a schedule for your call and stick to it. Try not to let participants deviate from this or get carried away with discussions on tangential subjects.

6. VoIP provides a very effective platform for conference calls. This technology also incorporates many ways a business can save money on communications, especially if it can use the benefits of wholesale VoIP termination rates.

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Conference calls are a quick and efficient way of drawing people together who may be scattered across a range of locations. They cut down on travelling, encourage more efficient use of time, and offer eco-friendly benefits. With advances in technology, and especially in VoIP, setting up conference calls can be fast and straightforward, delivering a great deal of useful functionality for the modern business.