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Discovering Different Types of Window Blinds

People are learning that they can enjoy lots of savings buying blinds when they know their options before shopping. Fortunately, we live in the Internet age and everything can be done right in your own home.


Aluminum blinds, specifically the 1-foot variety, are popularly used in business offices. Also known as minis, they are an affordable option for covering window, and they come in several colors too, white and gray being the most common.


Wood blinds, which are made of a lightweight wood called basswood and of oriental hardwoods, are very stylish and can blend in with any interior design theme.

Faux Wood

Faux woods are a composite of PVC or plastic and some type of wood, and they are very popular mainly because they’re durable and quite easy to clean. Because they don’t warp easily, they’re preferred for areas where there is a lot of moisture. However, because they are substantially heavier than other types of blinds, they are usually avoided for larger windows.


Vertical blinds, which are typically made of plastic, are often in the 3.5-foot variety, although some blinds of this size can also be made of faux wood. Vertical blinds are best for sliding glass doors, fairly durable and more lightweight than most people expect. Moreover, you can clean them easily and they don’t warp.

If you’re more attracted to those roll-up window coverings, you have even more options. Many of these things let different levels of light in and are packaged with different looks. They work great giving your home a unique appeal instead of the typical slats you find in most people’s homes.

Bamboo and woven woods are fantastic in terms of style, and they’re actually hot these days. They’re made with several wood varieties, as well as as a ton of earth tones that you can pick from.

Another popular option right now are honeycombs or cellulars, which are basically made of poly-cotton fabric that underwent treatment to become stain-resistant. If you’re looking for something block UV light from coming through or you need help with insulation, this is a good choice. These treatments also offer varying transparency levels, letting you shut out up to as much light as you want.

Finally, you also have rollers which you can open by rolling up the shades on a cylinder running all the way up. These treatments are sold in vinyl, cloth and sheer weave material.

At the end of the day, you have so many choices of blinds out there, and it all depends on your taste, preferences and needs.

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